Thursday, August 6, 2009

Model Pharmacy

Lomas at Carlisle,
Albuquerque, NM

Not just another kitschy restaurant in a pharmacy place, where one usually finds nursing home quality cuisine: runny eggs, skinny burnt bacon, over buttered wonder bread toast. This pharmacy actually serves really good FRESH food.

Set up like a typical diner, a bar full of stools, and a handful of tables to match, Model Pharmacy sells typical fountain drinks and malts as well as freshly baked cobblers and pies. I don't know if they have a grandma in the kitchen hand baking everything, but there were three cobblers on deck right out of the oven the last time I went- a peach, blackberry, and cherry! I had the blackberry cobbler served with whipped cream, unbelievably delicious! The food here is MADE WITH LOVE, and after days of eating in a town where all the restaurants have a theme of pre-frozen re-heat sometimes served on plastic, I am thankful. The Reuben, Brisket sandwich, tuna salad, and chicken salad plate have all proved satisfying. For those that can't go a day without eating New Mexican cuisine, they always have a pot of green chili stew brewing in the back. Most sandwiches are served with a pickle, homemade apple/blueberry sauce, and a seasonal pasta salad.

When you're done eating walk back through the pharmacy and purchase any of the fine fragrances they sell, along with a fancy fountain pen, novelty hair brushes, postcards, and then...get your prescription filled. Leave looking and feeling like a true model.